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epiSUDS take 5 — Almanac Brewing Summer 2010 Blackberry Ale

This epiSUD is on the Almanac Beer Co. Summer 2010 Blackberry Ale. Almanac is an up and coming gypsy brewer who has made a huge impact on the local beer industry with the amazing release of this Belgian-style ale. This limited release micro brew was aged in oak wine barrels for 11 months with 4 different styles of hand picked blackberries. This is a very complex beer with a strong aroma of blackberries that is very subtle in the flavor. Almanac is planning on quarterly release’s of new beers and if this first ale is what we can expect I cant wait to see what they have planned for their next release.

epiSUDS take 3 — Devils Canyon — Full Boar Scotch Ale Review

(Taken from the Devil’s Canyon web site
The brewery’s name is derived from the original Spanish designation for the City of Belmont – “la Canada del Diablo” or Devil’s Canyon.

OK, so this is the beer that started it all. Back in 2008, I attended one of Devil’s Canyon Beer Friday events which is held the last Friday of every month. After sampling several beers, I came across this amazing taste sensation. This beer has a smoky smooth flavor with an off white head that leaves great lacing around your glass with every sip. Full Boar is a strong 7.4% abv, so be careful not to drink it too fast.

Devil’s Canyon Full Boar Scotch Ale is available on tap at local bars and restaurants or growler fills at the brewery. A press release today declared their intention to begin bottling in July.

epiSUDS take 2 — Double Take IPA and Amber Ale Review


This Beer review is for the Double Take Amber Ale & IPA. The IPA poured lighter than the Amber as expect,  but the IPA tasted flat in the mouth. Looking at all the bubbles in the glass I really expected to taste more carbonation with the IPA but again it tasted flat to me. The Amber had more flavor and didn’t taste flat.  Neither of these beers had a very good head but did have some subtle lacing. This beer can be found at Safeway for about $6 a sixer. Check out the below video review and let me know what you think.