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epiSUDS take 1 — Bay Area Brewfest in San Francisco

June 11th was the 2nd Annual Brewfest at Fort Mason in San Francisco. It was absolutely packed with fellow hop heads and micro brews. With about 40 or more different types of beer to sample, we had an awesome time!

We filmed for the first time here but unfortunately ran into some audio problems so we did the best we could to salvage the footage which you can see below:

The Chili Pepper beer by Six Rivers Brewery was spicier than I expected, but really good and ran out early.

Some notable others like Tanilla, a dark stout made with vanilla extract and coffee beans, the  PurpleHaze had a distinct grape flavor, a strawberry wheat beer that was incredible, a tangerine beer was off the hook and a refreshing grapefruit beer that’s just in time for summer.

My personal favorite was the Bridge Port Hop Czar which was probably the hoppiest beer at the event.

For $40- all you can drink , you can’t go wrong. There must have been at least 5,000 people at this event so if you plan to go next year be sure to get there early- line outside was pretty insane.

As you can see we had a great time at this year’s brewfest. Hopefully next year we’ll have a booth to interview more of our fellow hop heads and brewers. We look forward to seeing everyone there next year for sure!