About Us

Host/Executive Producer: Jesse Molina

My goal with this vlog (video blog) is to document the wide assortment of micro brews coming out of California and beyond. I’ve been around beer my entire life in one sense or another and tasted several different styles and flavors.

Having brewed a few batches of beer myself, I’ve realized how complex beer really is and that the simplest addition or subtraction of an ingredient can completely change the characteristic of a beer.

I’m no beer expert, so the reviews I provide are going to be really organic and not the “YOU CAN TASTE HINTS OF CHESTNUT AND BAMBOO” perspective. Avid beer drinkers know what they like and like what they know. I want to reach people who are just breaking into beer and aren’t sure what to try. My hope is you’ll walk away with a simple perspective you can understand and enjoy.

I’ll be traveling up and down the state of California attending beer events, talking with brewers, and tasting great beer. If you have any suggestions for bars I should try or beers you’d like to see, I’m always open to suggestions.

Enjoy your beer! 😉

Producer: Clay Edwards

Clay, usually behind the camera, updating the website or tasting beer (sometimes all three at the same time!) has long had an affection for craft beers and microbrews. Inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s WineLibraryTV show, Clay and Jesse saw that there was a need for a show for the beer lover and as a result created epiSUDS.com!.

Clay has an extensive background in marketing, social media, website design and video production. He and loves to attend live events to see how others partake in the enjoyment of craft beers and microbrews. We are always looking for beer lovers that would like to be a guest on our show at events so if you see us come say hi!

If you’d like to connect with Clay via social networks here are his profiles: